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“I’m enough of an artist to draw freely on my imagination.

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Knowledge is limited; imagination encircles the world.”

Albert Einstein



Upside Down Dance provides various cultural dance classes and art workshops for all level and all ages. As part of our outreach programme, we teach dance, arts, media, music and design projects as informal education. Our organisation aims to teach children from 6 years old to adults, who are interested in live, visual and performing arts.

Upside Down Dance can:

  • Be an early prevention service (solution) for young people, to keep them off the streets, away from crime and anti-social behaviour.
  • Give those not in education, employment and training a place to go.
  • Help and inspire those with learning difficulties or disabilities.
  • Help specialist groups that work with vulnerable young people and adults.
  • Work with young offenders, young people not in education, employment or training (NEETs) and those in pupil referral units (PRU).

Mostly, Upside Down Dance is a place and community where children and young people can get support, feel safe and secure, where everyone can share, express themselves respectfully, create new things and feel free to “misbehave” in a positive way. We aim to cultivate diversity and build on the positive human qualities that people have, working cooperatively and effectively with others to help shape role model citizens of the future.

It is a way to make young people share a dream, realise passions and career aspiration, enabling them to do something that they are good at – unleashing their potentials progressively without worrying about their future.

We enhance leadership and participation, to meet children’s needs by:

  • Facilitating the development of relationships
  • Creating a medium for children to express feelings of fear, pain, anger, anxiety, and conflict in a manner less threatening than verbal expression
  • Building feelings of self-acceptance and self-confidence
  • Helping children learn communication and coping skills




“We put the theory into practice, using Hip Hop to get young people out of crime” 


Upside Down Dance


We encourage young people to recognise themselves as professional dancers, street dancers, hip hop dancers or polyvalent artists; breaking any negative assumptions about dance or any forms of arts. Another objective of Upside Down Dance is to clarify the purpose of Hip Hop in society and to demonstrate the positive impact on children, communities, youths and adults from different backgrounds. We aim to bring people’s attention to the benefits that dance can have on young people. Benefits can be physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual; reminding us that dance was there since the beginning of human kind.




We value our students as individuals, each with their own aspirations and needs. We exist to listen and respond to the needs of our Hip Hop dance community as well as its various forms of arts and the need for more cultural dance styles.

We believe that:

  •     Every young dancer has the right to improve their dance or art education, their wealth and their happiness
  •     Everyone must treat each other as equals because each of us owns an equal place in society
  •     We recognise and respect difference and diversity
  •     We gain trust and respect from other people by being honest, committed, hardworking, friendly and supportive
  •     We must encourage people in our community to join us as trustees, staff and volunteers
  •     We are always looking for new ways to work and co-operate with other organisations
  •     We must deliver an excellent quality service so we must spend time improving our skills, projects and program to develop new ones





We believe that every individual is unique, with their own identity, and encourage each student to express their feelings through art and dance to unleash their talents. We know that arts and dance can bring sunshine in young people’s lives.

We believe teaching dance helps build relationships between dancers from different cultures and backgrounds; developing the notion of respect, equality, social inclusion and encouraging collective group work.

It is also helping young people gain confidence, self-esteem and social skills. It is also a fun way of keeping fit and supple, develops memory skills and supports goal achievement.


We ensure an efficient and safe teaching practice and a mutual respect between teachers and students at all times. We monitor and handle young people’s behaviour in a correct manner as most of our teachers are safeguarding-trained as well as each staff members.


We show young people other alternatives to stimulate their mind and body, to get them focused and disciplined, allowing them to misbehave creatively and to develop aspirations or passion where mainstream schools have failed. We use our own artistic skills and experience to inspire and empower young people.

We inspire generation after generation of artist enabling them to unleash their creativity, well being, intellect, leadership and talent all at once.


We encourage the contributions of local volunteers and community partners to achieve shared objectives and funds into our community, to deliver and support  arts and dance quality services for young people.





Hip Hop
Popping (with tutting etc), Locking, Turfing, Jerking, Krumping,
House, Breakdancing, Free running/Gymnastics
Waaking and Voguing
Capoeira             <<< REGISTER HERE>>>
Jazz Rock
Tap Dancing
African Dances (Old traditional/New School e.g. Azonto etc.)
Dance hall
Experimental (drumbs)
Salsa / Kizomba / Bachata (over 18 only)
Drama Dance Themes/ Story Telling (piano, violin, drumbs, beatbox)
Fitness Dance Intensive
Dance Therapy 




Music production
Beats making (for shows, showreel or events)
Sound engineering
Beat box workshop
Visual arts
Film making -Video editing
Graphic designs (create your own logo, flyers, art and design on clothes)
Animation (create anime characters)
Drawing (creating characters, dance art projects, posters)
Graffiti arts (learn graffiti arts)



Event production: perform, create story telling choreography,  develop event management skills.
We organise events and shows such as trips, residential, touring, dance exchange, theatre pieces, dance competition and festivals with the community – nationally and internationally.
Young Entrepreneurship: learn how to sell your art products or dance skills, how to organise small events or off site activities and will get experience tacking part in organisation events.



Gain experience writing blogs about actuality hip hop, create magazine, interview artists.


We create a visual portfolio and CV for all the young dancers that we train.